Corporate ESG Activities.

Little Jane SDGs Academy 小小珍古德可持續發展學院

Program Details

Our program aims to educate children aged 5-12 about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations through 30 hours of interactive and experiential educational activities. By the end of the program, we expect children to have a deeper understanding of each SDG topic, such as poverty, education, climate action, and gender equality, and how they can contribute to achieving these goals.

    Project Objective
  • Promote Dr. Jane Goodall's positive values to children
  • Enhance children's knowledge and awareness of sustainable development
  • Empower children to make contributions to nature, people, and society
  • Deliver the message of environmental protection through the voices of children
Green Parenting Support Scheme 綠活家庭網絡
Program Details

  • Nature offers more than just hiking trails on weekends. It serves as a classroom where children can acquire skills beyond what textbooks offer, including green skills, social skills, problem-solving abilities, and gratitude -- all of which are valuable traits socially and globally.
  • In addition to personal growth, engaging parents and children in nature promotes family unity. There is no better way for a family to bond and enjoy quality time together than immersing themselves in bird songs, cool breeze, and fresh air.
  • Therefore, JGIHK aims to introduce this meaningful initiative to guide underprivileged families in exploring and appreciating nature through a one-year program that includes various activities. The program also aims to connect these families to form the "Green Parenting Network," a social support network.

    • Project Objective
    • Foster a close relationship between children and parents through nature experiences
    • Provide children with an outlet to release their stress

    Project Detail

    Our program is designed to train secondary school students aged 12-18. It consists of an 8-hour program that includes:

  • Two workshops focusing on environmental risks and the emerging field of green jobs
  • A unique "Green Library" activity, where participants can engage in interactive sessions with Green Collars and gain knowledge about working in the green industry
  • A visit to an actual workplace that has successfully implemented sustainable practices
  • A highly selective Green Collar Tasting Program, where exceptional students are chosen to participate as interns for a week, providing them with hands-on experience in relevant industries.

    • Project Objective
    • Develop skills for working in the green industry or related fields
    • Increase understanding and interest in careers in the green industry or related fields
    • Foster empathy and a sense of environmental responsibility
    • Enhance local youths' exposure, awareness, and knowledge of sustainability, ESG, and related environmental issues
    Green Elder Internship Program 綠職無限耆計劃

    Project Detail

    This program is inspired by Dr. Jane's remarkable dedication to conservation, as she travels 300 days a year to share her insights worldwide with the aim of promoting lifelong learning and contribution, particularly among individuals aged 55 and above.

    We offer:

  • 12 hours of training on environmental education activity design, planning, and coordination skills
  • Green Job Opportunities for the elderly to work as a part time instructor in JGIHK
  • Green Elder Network: to promote continuous learning, community engagement, and regular activities

    • Project Objective
    • Motivate individuals aged 55 and above to apply their knowledge, skills, and experience in coordinating environmental education activities, promoting sustainable living, and exploring second career opportunities
    • Facilitate intergenerational harmony and improve mental health by providing opportunities for engagement with the community through various activities

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    Green Collar Training Program

  • Enhance local youths' exposure, awareness, and knowledge of sustainability, ESG and related environmental issues
  • Develop youths' empathy and sense of environmental responsibility
  • Increase youths' understanding and interest in careers in the green industry or related industries
  • Develop youths' skills for working in the green industry or related industries
  • Target: Secondary school students aged 12-18
  • Our 8-hour program includes:
    • 2 workshops focusing on environmental risks and the emerging field of green jobs.
    • a unique "Green Livbrary" activity, where participants can engage in interactive sessions with Green Collars and gain knowledge about working in green industry
    • a Green visit to actual workplace that has successfully implemented sustainable practices
    • a highly selective Green Collar Tasting Program that exceptional students are chosen to participate as interns for a week, providing them with hands-on experience in relevant industries

  • $40,000 per class of around 25 students
  • Staff members have the opportunity to actively participate as volunteer tutors or mentors.
  • Provide a visit for students to learn about green industry
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    ESG Young Professional Training Program

  • Enhance participants' ESG knowledge and green skills
  • Assist participants in understanding and planning their careers in the ESG and Sustainable Development industries
  • Provide participants with relevant career development resources and help build their professional networks
  • Offer personalized ESG-oriented guidance and counseling on a one-on-one basis to participants
  • Service Target : Students (tertiary or above) or have less than 5 years of work experience
  • ESG Training Courses
  • ESG Career Development Consultation and Planning
  • ESG Job Referral
  • ESG Young Professional Network
  • $7,000 per youth, with a minimum sponsorship of 10 youths
  • Staff members have the opportunity to actively participate as volunteer tutors, mentors or judges.
  • Provide job opportunities for the participants
  • Caring Company Nomination
  • Work together :
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    Green.Health Financial Planner

    The objective is to encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly, healthy, and economically sustainable lifestyles while promoting communication, understanding, and idea exchange among different age groups, thereby establishing a support network and fostering intergenerational harmony.

    Train the elderly to become skilled "Green Health Financial Planners" equipped with digital skills, design thinking, and activity preparation skills, among others. This program involves collaborative efforts with the elderly in the community to design and organize various educational activities for grassroots families and seniors using innovative methods. Additionally, the program empowers seniors by providing them with a sense of purpose and enabling them to build a fulfilling retirement life.

  • Program sponsored by HSBC
  • Work together :

    Our Implemented Projects

    Total Beneficiaries

    Total Hours of Educational Activities
    ECF Sponsor

    Supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) and the Environmental Campaign Committee, JGIHK has successfully launched the ECF Shoreline Cleanup KOL Programme, inspired by the influential young climate change activist, Greta Thunberg. This pioneering initiative adopts a "train the trainer" approach, empowering children and teenagers who are passionate about marine conservation to actively engage in educational endeavors. Participants underwent comprehensive training in shoreline clean-ups, while also utilizing their own social media platforms to raise awareness about marine conservation. They actively participated in competitions, online sharing platforms, and public sessions to inspire widespread public engagement in marine conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable living practices.

    The program comprised the following key components:

  • Shoreline Cleanup KOL Workshops
  • Shoreline Cleanup KOL Competition
  • Shoreline Cleanup KOL Club
  • Shoreline Cleanup KOL Online Sharing Platform
  • Volunteer Training

  • By incorporating these diverse elements, the program aimed to deepen participants' understanding of marine conservation, cultivate their advocacy skills, and empower them to become influential voices within their communities. Through their proactive involvement, these young leaders played a pivotal role in promoting environmental stewardship, waste reduction, and the adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

    AFCD Sponsor

    Through the "Ecology, Sensory Drawing, and Storytelling Workshop" that integrates science, art drawing, sensory experiences, and guided storytelling, the public can utilize their senses to experience nature and become ambassadors for protecting ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, and environmental conservation.

    By organizing outdoor excursions such as the "Ecology Revealed through Sensory Drawing" weekend activity, participants are introduced to the characteristics of different animals and plants, their important roles in the ecosystem, and basic ecological drawing techniques. Through brushstrokes, the beauty of nature is recorded, aiming to instill in the public a sense of cherishing every species and understanding the importance of biodiversity.

    By designing and publishing an "Ecological Sketchbook" that incorporates biodiversity knowledge, ecological drawings, and participants' activity experiences and feelings, biodiversity knowledge is integrated into sensory drawing. Understanding leads to care, and care leads to conservation, fostering a greater appreciation and love for nature among the public.

    DisneyLand HK Sponsor

    The Little Jane Nurturing Program is a key project by JGIHK, aimed at empowering underprivileged youth, aged 8-12, by enhancing their understanding of nature and fostering their confidence to contribute to the environment and community. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Jane's experiences, character, behavior, and values, the program incorporates experiential learning.

    The program consists of two main components:


  • Becoming Jane (Value Education)
  • Study in Nature (Nature Appreciation)
  • Understanding Environmental Risks (What Happens to Our Earth)
  • Making a Difference (Contribution to the Environment and Community)
  • Workshops:

  • "Play" for Nature (Exploring the Environment through Different Approaches)
  • Through these activities, participants gain valuable knowledge and skills while developing a deep appreciation for nature and the importance of environmental stewardship.

    LINK Sponsor

    In the 2020/21 period, JGIHK successfully organized the Play Green in Link Community Programme, thanks to the generous sponsorship provided by the Link Together Initiatives. This impactful initiative operated across four districts, catering to the needs of children and parents alike. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the programme managed to surpass expectations. Our "Play Green" tour attracted a greater number of families (136) compared to our initial projection of 120. This enthusiastic response underscored their keen interest in exploring environmental topics and community engagement through interactive games.

    The positive feedback we received from participants served as a catalyst for us to expand our repertoire of activities that seamlessly integrate green issues, community development, and skills enhancement. These engaging activities not only equip participants with a deeper understanding of environmental principles but also foster a stronger sense of connection to their community and surroundings. Consequently, participants are motivated to actively learn and voice their opinions on issues of personal importance. This process lies at the heart of empowering children and nurturing their ability to create positive change within their communities.

    Primary service targets:

  • Children (6-12 years old) and Parents: 498 people
  • Primary and Secondary School Students: 400 people
  • Members of the Public (joining “Play Green in Link Market”): 13,417 people
  • Secondary service targets:

  • Teachers (reading “Play Green in Link Game Book” online): 400 people
  • Members of the Public (reading “Play Green in Link Game Book” online): 25,344 people
  • Programme details:

    “Play Green in Link Game Book” Download Game Book
    LKKFF Sponsor

    With the sponsorship of Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, JGIHK organised the flagship Green Family Coalition programme. This initiative is three-pronged: Green Family Workshop with renowned speakers sharing their experience on green parenting; a Green Family Game Design Award to mobilise family to go green together; and last but not least Green Family Connect, a digital platform connecting families sharing the same values — ultimately forging a culture that encourages green in every step of the way.

    Main Service Targets:
  • Children: 487 people
  • Parents: 338 people
  • Secondary Service Target:
  • Members of the Public (Green Game Design Handbook): 17,916
  • HKJCCT Sponsor

    From October 2020 to June 2021, JGIHK organised the “Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund - Green Challenges to Combat COVID-19” programme. "21-day Green Challenge'' was the key event of the programme that encourages participants to complete green challenges online, e.g. recycling, counting household disposal in consecutive 21 days. The event was designed to cultivate a sustainable and practical green lifestyle. The project had an online platform that integrated learning, sharing and games, and was proven to be a success as it encouraged more people to learn new skills and be mindful of the happenings in the community and our environment.

    Primary Service Targets:
  • Members of the Public (joining workshops, handicraft workshops and outdoor activities): 628 people
  • Members of the Public (joining “21-day Green Challenge”): 1,296 people
  • Kindergarten and Primary School Students (joining workshops, handicraft workshops and outdoor activities): 1,600
  • Kindergarten and Primary School Students (joining “21-day Green Challenge”): 480
  • Secondary Service Target:
  • Members of the Public (Reading Picture Books): 30,203

  • Picture Book Children (4-6 years old): 垃圾漂流記: Download Picture Book
    Picture Book Children (7-9 years old): 野生動物救援隊: Download Picture Book
    LINK Sponsor

    JGIHK is funded by Link Together Initiatives to launch the "ESG Leadership Training Programme". This programme is to enhance the ESG knowledge, green skills and environmental literacy of tertiary students, to cultivate talents with basic knowledge in ESG and environmental protection for the society, and thereby improve their adaptability and competitiveness in their future careers. The program is also designed to promote ESG and environmental protection in the community.

    Programme Features:

  • Classes taught by professionals in the industry
  • Focus on experiential learning and corporate practice
  • Scholarships for outstanding performer to enroll in ESG and environmental protection related courses
  • Internship opportunities in corporation and environmental protection organizations
  • Target audience:Tertiary students (17 to 25 years old)

    Chandler Macleod Sponsor

    With the support of Chandler Macleod, our organization is organizing the ESG Young Professional Training Program.

    Program Objectives:

  • Enhance participants' knowledge of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), green skills, and environmental awareness.
  • Assist participants in understanding and planning for careers in the ESG and sustainable development industry.
  • Provide participants with resources for relevant career development and help build professional networks.
  • Offer one-on-one personalized ESG professional guidance and counseling to participants.
  • Program Content:

  • ESG Training Course (12 hours)
  • ESG Career Consultation and Planning (approximately 2.5 hours)
  • ESG Job Recommendations
  • ESG Talent Network
  • Program Features:

  • Tailored courses designed by ESG's professionals for beginners
  • Resume writing and interview skills specifically for ESG positions, with 1-on-1 consultations
  • Gradual development of ESG careers with relevant job opportunities
  • Expansion of ESG expert network for more development opportunities
  • Target Participants: Priority registration for current tertiary students or individuals with less than 5 years of work experience; Other interested individuals can call for inquiries.

    The program is registered on the United Nations SDGAction Platform as #SDGAction53612:

    Registered Program Detail in United Nations Sustainable Department
    GBA Youth Foundation Sponsor

    Funded by Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation, JGIHK has launched “GBA Green Collar Young Professional Training Program”.
    Project Objectives:

  • Enhance the awareness and interest of youth in sustainable development and green jobs, and establish green skills.
  • Cultivate the youth’s design and entrepreneurial thinking, encourage youth to dedicate themselves to sustainable development and green industries in the Greater Bay Area, and make contributions through career and entrepreneurship.
  • Build the capacity of youth to independently plan their career development.
  • Assist youth in expanding and broadening their network in sustainable development and environmental protection in the Greater Bay Area.
  • Project Contents:

  • Green Talent Training Camp
  • Green Bay Area Study Tour
  • Green Career Planning Workshops
  • Green Professionals Sharing Sessions
  • Experiential Activities in Environmental Social Enterprise
  • Green Solution Design Competition
  • Project Features:

  • Classes are conducted by professionals in the green industry.
  • Emphasis on experiential learning and corporate practice
  • Scholarships for outstanding performer to enroll in the sustainable development, ESG or environmental protection related courses
  • HSBC Sponsor

    The "Green Elder Internship Program," sponsored by the HSBC Community Partnership Programme 2022, is dedicated to environmental protection and the development of green skills. The program aims to train elderly individuals to serve as coordinators and tutors for community-based environmental protection activities, focusing on fostering knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes in this field. The program encompasses various activities, which include:

  • Environmental Picture Book Guides
  • Shoreline Cleanup Rangers
  • Plant Explorers
  • Through their participation in these activities, the interns will actively promote environmental protection and sustainable living practices, while also gaining valuable job opportunities that enrich their retirement life.
    Upon completion of the training, the interns will be equipped to design and organize interactive and engaging activities for grassroots families and community members. These activities aim to cultivate environmental awareness, alleviate the pressures caused by the epidemic, and enhance physical and mental well-being. Additionally, the program fosters intergenerational integration, while also facilitating the transfer of traditional wisdom and cultural heritage.

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